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B.A. Drage: Gamle orgler i Nordland

B.A. Drage: Gamle orgler i Nordland

Nok 120.00

 Gamle orgler i Nordland

Great organ recordings (Part VI)

Many Norway travellers are regarding the Nordland area (with the Lofoten islands and fjords, the sea bird island of Røst, the Svartisen glacier and the Saltstraumen vortex) as the most interesting part of Scandinavia. As a dedication to Nordland, his home region, Bjørn Andor Drage recorded a unique selection of pieces on various old organs here. The composer list contains Böhm, Bach, Buxtehude and others, but also Norwegian traditional pieces and composers such as Geirr Tveitt, Egil Hovland and Gottfred Pedersen. Included are the 1865 Amund Eriksen organ at Gildeskål church, the 1865 Eriksen & Svendsen organ at Tjeldsund church and the 1842 Albrechtsen organ at Hemnesberget church.

The CD-Digipak includes a 20-pages booklet with detailed liner-notes, pictures and the dispositions of the organs. A true part of Nordland you can take with you and enjoy at home!


In 2010 Euridice records will release a second part of "Old organs in Nordland".

Katalog nummer: EUCD008
Type: Cd
Utgivelse år: 1999
Produsent: Bjørn Andor Drage
Studio: Hønsehuset Lydstudio AS
Utgiver: Euridice turn lefts AS
Cover: Lindberg Lyd AS
Foto: Tore Furuhatt/Arvid Larsen/Tommy Simonsen